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Speaking and Training
Jules delivers keynotes and training, in personal and virtually around the world. There are specific topics that she speaks on (see below).
And she welcomes conversations with event organisers to create bespoke content for your delegates, be it an in-person conference or webinar series for a team away day or a virtual event.
Signature Talks and Workshops
  • The Truth About Confidence
  • Banishing the Imposter Syndrome
  • Guide Your Own Career
  • Wellbeing Webinar/Workshop Series
You'll find more about each of these below.
Jules Wyman
Photo: John Dade @ AfPP Conference
Signature Talks and Workshops
Signature Talks and Workshops
How confident are your employees?
Are they demonstrating real confidence or faking it to make it?
The distinction is crucial for your business success. When people are 'acting as if' they have confidence in a presentation or 'bluffing it' in a meeting, they won't be performing at their best.
Not understanding how true confidence works undermines their belief in their abilities and can leave them on edge wondering if/when they will be found out. That insecurity is a recipe for poor decision making and inconsistent performance.
What if your people had genuine confidence?

This interactive session provides pragmatic solutions with real world focus. I'll uncover the crippling myths around confidence such as:

  • you are either born with it or you're not
  • over confidence becomes arrogance
  • to have confidence you must be the expert.
Through this session, participants will discover resourceful truths and learn how to access natural confidence, no matter what is going on around them. Without self-doubt, your team will be more secure, make better decisions, spot business opportunities, and communicate more effectively.
You may not notice it, but the imposter syndrome permeates the workplace. More than 70% of people are affected by imposter thoughts at some point in their career. For some it's brief, for many it lasts some time.
It can create:
  • ineffective meetings - imposter syndrome sufferers may not speak out and share ideas. Or do the opposite, always speaking, looking to prove themselves.
  • delayed deadlines due to overwhelm and the need for perfection.
  • high levels of stress and even burnout as the imposter syndrome impacts wellbeing.
What impact would it have on your business if your team understood the Imposter Syndrome and learnt not to 'cope' with it but how to banish it altogether?
This practical talk or full day workshop provides real world solutions to enhance productivity and performance, free from the limitations of the Imposter Syndrome.
Getting the right people into the right roles is essential for business success. That process doesn't stop when an employee joins your team. People grow and evolve in different ways and what might initially have been a good fit can result in staff that are cruising, disengaged or worse still, disruptive.
The key is getting your team to take ownership of their own career path. Ensuring that they know how to develop - whether moving up the ladder or looking for alternative opportunities in the organisation where they can contribute more fully.
The Guide Your Own Career workshop is designed to help participants explore what else is possible for them. Using a Career Planning Map this session will help your team:
  • get into a productive frame of mind
  • generate options for their future - including an exploration of their dream job
  • create and test some possible career goals
  • identify some action steps, development and support needs.
They will come away with a fresh perspective, more fully engaged and with clear options they can immediately work on.
Previous delegates comments:
"Very informative and inspirational event. Jules facilitated this course excellently and inspired me to reach form my goals. I would definitely encourage others to attend this course."
"Understanding that change is possible. It was very informative, fun, humorous and engaging.

Understanding what I need to do to get where I want."

"Content was really useful and thought provoking. It has clarified my thoughts on how to move ahead whether I am made redundant or succeed in securing another post. "

Wellbeing Webinar/Workshops
Burnout has become an increasingly significant issue in business. More is demanded than ever before to stay efficient and profitable. With that comes responsibility for the wellbeing of our teams.
As part of the wellbeing webinar series, this is a practical introductory workshop/webinar looking at what burnout is and what people can do about it.
The session covers...
  • the main categories of burnout and how to identify if you are heading in an unhelpful direction
  • how to spot burnout in yourself and others
  • a practical plan for your team and the organisation to prevent burnout (prevention IS better than cure!)
This 90-minute session will give delegates time out to reflect and learn in more depth about burnout, rather than it just being a throwaway term. This enables participants to understand the impact it has on themselves as well as others.
Noticing the condition of burnout at any point is helpful for prevention and management.
Most organisations are familiar with the concept of time management. But what if managing time wasn't the key to organisational effectiveness?
There is always a fixed amount of time in the working day, but energy fluctuates. When your team understand how to manage their energy effectively, time becomes their friend.
In this 90-minute workshop/webinar, delegates have the opportunity to take a fresh look at themselves, their lives and of course their energies.
They will...
  • learn the four energies that need attention - most of the time the focus is on physical and mental, but what about the other two?
  • create a practical plan for what they need next using the energy audit
  • know ways in which they can better support each other.
Energy management is the key to unlocking productivity and performance even in pressurised and time-short situations.
The past few years have been uncertain.
Changes. New situations. Re-structuring.
What impact has that had on your teams?
The human mind is drawn toward certainty, so when uncertainty is front and centre, fear and insecurities are often triggered. And flight/fight or freeze become the main choices. When people are operating from flight, fight or freeze, they become unresourceful, lack resilience and often make costly mistakes.
In this 90-minute session, I'll show the participants that there is another way of dealing with fear and insecurity.
We will...
  • look at the two types of fear - how and when to manage them (as opposed to them managing you)
  • dive deeper into the workings of psychological day-to-day fears
  • share tools to put you in control...even in challenging times.
Participants will walk away with strategies for managing their performance and able to access resilience even in the most pressurised situations.
about Jules Wyman
About Jules
Jules Wyman is a woman who dreams of being out of a job.
Until then, she's on a mission as a Confidence Coach to help people have faith in themselves and replace meaningless quick fixes with authentic living.
Her clients end up going for what they really want in life, from changing career to changing countries.
She's become one of the UK's top coaches in this field by following her own path to authentic confidence, as well as spending thousands of hours studying self-belief and the human brain.
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Ready to find out more?
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