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Coaching isn't about fixing problems, it's about uncovering the perception you have about yourself and the world. Then exploring whether those perceptions are helpful, supportive or even true.
Our thinking has become automatic. It plays in the background like lift music that we no longer notice, until someone points it out. But unlike the lift music, this automatic thinking becomes our experience of the world and how we feel everyday. This thinking can create self-doubt and feelings of being an imposter. Confidence crises and even feeling lost or 'stuck in a rut' come from automatic thinking running the show.
Do you want to live a life of 'just getting by' or would you rather confidently live your life?
Confidence coaching
Do you want it to be different?
Do you want it to be different?
The automatic thinking has convinced us that getting and being more will help us feel better about ourselves...but if that worked, wouldn't we all be much happier? David Bohn states:
Thought creates our world, and then says "I didn't do it"!
Working on yourself through this coaching process is about giving you the space to gain clarity on what your thinking is up to and how that is creating your experience.
When you can see what is going on, you can connect with what is truly possible... deepening your awareness, connecting you to your inner wisdom, calmness and natural confidence.
Why work with me?
Why work with me?
As your coach, my role is to explore this with you. Enabling us both to learn, what will work for you. I don't have the answers that will work for you, you do. I have curiousity about where those answers are hiding, and questions that can direct us to discover them. 
"I help people as a way to work on myself and I work on myself to help people" Ram Dass
"Working with Jules has been awesome, her insight, warm and sense of humour has made the coaching sessions a joy. I have looked forward to every session that I have participated in, just when you think your conversation can't go any further, she has the knowledge, expertise and ability to help you unpick and unlock them, taking the conversation to the next level.  I have truly benefited from working with her." - SR, London.
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