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Coming to your senses
Coming to your senses
In a chaotic world, it's easy to lose sight of our true bearings. To be swept away by the torrents of confusion, distraction, habits or behaviours. Yet, somewhere within, there exists a beacon of hope: the ability to rediscover clarity and sound judgment even in the stormiest seas.
Welcome to Coming to your senses, where we delve into the profound journey of regaining clarity whilst riding life's tumultuous currents.
Together, we will embark on a quest to explore the depths of human consciousness and the transformative power of regaining awareness.
This podcast is dedicated to those moments of awakening when that inner knowing has given us a nudge. In those instances the fog of uncertainty lifts, and we find ourselves once again grounded in truth and understanding.
Latest Episodes
Ep. 11 | Getting to know your brain function
In this episode of "Coming to Your Senses," Jules engages in a deep and reflective conversation with Johnnie Cass, an Australian speaker and mentor. They explore how moments of crisis can lead to personal growth and self-awareness. Johnnie shares his journey through various life experiences, including his time in the public eye and his diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, which he views as a different way of functioning rather than a disorder. The discussion emphasises the value of sitting with discomfort, and the role of relationships and nature in personal development.
Ep. 10 | My gateway drug...
In this episode of "Coming to Your Senses," Jules explores the importance of soft skills, particularly confidence. She challenges the idea that confidence is innate, arguing it can be developed through self-awareness and trust. Drawing from her 19 years of experience as a coach, Jules likens confidence to the sun—always present but sometimes obscured by self-doubt. She emphasizes reinterpreting our experiences and engaging less with fear-based thoughts. Jules encourages listeners to explore their inner confidence as a gateway to personal growth and fulfillment.
Ep. 9 | Setting BOUNDARIES and walking away
In this episode, Jules talks with Monica Carota about personal awakenings and their impacts. Monica shares a significant moment when she recognized an unhealthy relationship in her life, leading her to immediately end it and reassess her coaching practices. This experience reinforced her commitment to ethical, client-centered coaching. Monica stresses the importance of self-awareness and body-awareness to navigate life's challenges and maintain integrity. The discussion highlights the value of slowing down, reflecting, and trusting one's inner wisdom.
Ep. 8 | Making Sense of Menopause
In this episode, Jules explores the challenges of menopause, comparing it to the disorientation of having one's home relocated to an unfamiliar place. She draws parallels with puberty, discussing the confusion and identity shifts that accompany hormonal changes. Emphasizing self-kindness, Jules underscores the importance of support networks, both professional and informal. She encourages open conversations about menopause to foster a community of understanding and support.
Ep. 7 | The crazy game of being you
In this episode of "Come Into Your Senses," Al Kenny discusses his evolution from a strict corporate leader to one focused on personal growth and empathy. He describes a key moment at a leadership event that shifted his perspective, making him realise his own role in his frustrations. This insight spurred his journey into self-improvement and curiosity. Al highlights the importance of staying present, accepting imperfections, and using practices like journaling and support from trusted friends. The episode emphasises self-awareness and the continuous pursuit of personal development.
Ep. 6 | F is for fast food and...
In this episode of 'Coming to Your Senses,' Jules recounts a transformative experience she had in her mid to late twenties after reading 'Fast Food Nation' by Eric Schlosser, which exposed the manipulative marketing tactics in the fast food industry. This revelation started her on a journey to a more conscious and health-oriented lifestyle as she became more aware of consumer conditioning. Highlighting the importance of awareness and informed choices, Jules encourages listeners to reflect on their own lifestyles and make healthier decisions.
Ep. 5 | The doctor who puts you first
In this episode of "Coming to Your Senses," Jules speaks with Dr. Indra, who discusses her shift from a personal health crisis to a holistic approach in medicine. Dr. Indra emphasises the importance of listening to the body's "love letters," signals of health imbalances. The conversation delves into functional medicine, advocating for treating the body as an interconnected system. Dr. Indra's insights illustrate the impact of understanding and responding to the body's needs for improved health outcomes.
Ep. 4 | We need to talk about FEAR
In this episode, Jules Wyman discusses how external pressures can elevate our internal "fear table," leading to overwhelming reactions to everyday challenges. Drawing parallels between rising water tables and escalating fears, Jules differentiates between primal and psychological fear, underscoring that most fears are mental constructs, not survival threats. She offers insights on managing these fears by recognizing their nature and responding with calmness and perspective.
Ep. 3 | Ellie Stead talks about BIG Career changes and the challenges of being a woman leader
In this episode of "Coming to Your Senses," host Jules Wyman talks with Ellie Stead about her shift from a high-stress executive role in the private sector to a meaningful position in the charity sector. Ellie reflects on the health issues and personal insights that sparked her career change, emphasizing the importance of aligning work with personal values and the need for self-care. Her story highlights the courage required to heed one's inner voice and pursue a path that truly enriches one's life.
Ep. 2 | Happy job happy life?
In this episode, Jules recounts a major career shift that started with a childhood vow never to stay in a joyless job. Jules shares her experiences from cheerful beginnings in various roles to a decade in the demanding world of theatre. Eventually, persistent internal nudges prompted her to leave the industry, embracing uncertainty to find true fulfilment. This episode highlights the power of listening to our inner wisdom and making bold changes to align with our deepest desires.
Ep. 1 | Choosing life
Welcome to the first episode of "Coming to Your Senses" with your host, Jules Wyman. In this episode, Jules shares a transformative period of her life, exploring a critical moment that reshaped her future. Faced with profound internal struggles, Jules recounts how hitting rock bottom led her to a crucial realisation: she didn't want to live the way she had been, but she wasn't ready to give up on life. This episode is a powerful testament to the possibility of change and finding a new path forward.
Refocus and experience more of you
"Coming to your senses" isn't merely about sensory perception. It's the profound process of rediscovery, of reclaiming our ability to think clearly, make sensible decisions, and perceive the world with newfound clarity. It's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the capacity to rise above confusion and emerge stronger, wiser, and more attuned to the rhythms of existence.
Throughout this series, we'll hear stories of individuals who navigated the labyrinth of their own minds and emerged victorious. From overcoming personal adversity to finding purpose in the face of uncertainty, each episode will illuminate the myriad ways in which we reclaim our sense of self and find solace in the sanctuary of clarity.
So, dear listeners, join me on this voyage of intersection and revelation. Together, let's unlock the secrets of awareness in a world that often obscures it. Welcome to "Coming to your senses" - where a gentle nudge can help you experience more of ourselves.
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