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'Acting as if' you have confidence during a presentation or meeting can boost how you feel, however it doesn't create a lasting belief in your abilities.

'Bluffing it' through a promotion or interview can help you get a job and yet leave you questioning your skills and even wondering if/when you'll be 'found out'.
So how can you work with genuine confidence?
This interactive session, provides pragmatic solutions with real world focus. We'll uncover the crippling myths around confidence such as you are either born with it or you're not, that over confidence becomes arrogance or that to have confidence you have to be the expert.
Through this discussion you will discover the resourceful truths, such as you can access confidence no matter what has happened in your life and that connecting with confidence removes doubt.
the truth about confidence
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Do you secretly worry that others will find out that you're not as bright and capable as they think you are?
Do you sometimes shy away from challenges because of nagging self-doubt?
Or chalk up your accomplishments to be a 'fluke', 'just lucky' and 'no big deal'?
If you have answered yes to any of the above, then whether you realise it or not, you have a case of the imposter syndrome.
It's more common than people think, which means that there are ways to deal with it and move beyond it.
So, if you are fed up with the daily battles of looking over your shoulder, wondering when you are going to be found out, or when your luck will run out, this workshop IS FOR YOU!
banishing the imposter syndrome
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The job that you are doing now, did you set out to do it?
Was it a dream from an early age?
Or have you sort of ended up there?
The latter is what happens to most people.

They start out on a path and before they know it that path has become a travelator. Taking them to the next bit with very little thought, choice, direction or knowing what else is possible.

Many feel stuck and without a plan. Not sure what to do next.

Do I develop where I am? Move up the ladder? Or take another direction?
Being on this career 'path' isn't wrong, but is it what you want?

The Guide Your Own Career workshop is designed to help participants explore what else is possible for them.

Using a Career Planning Map designed to help you:

  • get into a productive frame of mind
  • generate options for their future - including an exploration of their dream job
  • create and test some possible career goals
  • identify some action steps, development and support needs.
The aim of the day is for you to come away with options that you can immediately work on, so that you can gain perspective, step off the travelator and back into taking the steps to guide your own career.
guide your own career
Previous delegates comments:
"Very informative and inspirational event. Jules facilitated this course excellently and inspired me to reach for my goals. I would definitely encourage others to attend this course."
"Understanding that change is possible. It was very informative, fun, humorous and engaging.

Understanding what I need to do to get where I want."

"Content was really useful and thought provoking. It has clarified my thoughts on how to move ahead whether I am made redundant or succeed in securing another post. "

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