The impact that a lack of confidence can have is exponential. It can stop us from using our natural strengths to their full capacity. Prevent us from speaking out, sharing ideas and opinions.
Cox Automative Speaker Case Study
What the client wanted
Women With Drive is part of the Cox Automative group and was launched on international Women's day 2016.
The intent of the network is to celebrate the work of women in the automotive industry. It is an inclusive movement built to support female achievements, aspirations and successes, with a 'think big' attitude and a space for every voice.
They host regular events with a main keynote and workshop and have empowered women and men in the Cox Automotive team, championing equality and ambition both in and out of the workplace.
Chief People Officer, Alison Fisher was looking for a speaker to inspire staff and clients. She knew that confidence issues can show up in a number of ways for both men and women and therefore was intrigued by the TRUTH About Confidence talk.
Jules Wyman
The Truth About Confidence
Her practical tools simply worked and her audience hung on her every word!
What I delivered
Watch the video below to hear excerpts of The Truth About Confidence delivered to the Women with Drive Network.
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Excerpts from The Truth About Confidence
Jules Wyman
I've just stood at the back and just watched people transfixed for the last three hours, which has been fantastic to see!
The response from the Client
Women With Drive Speaker Case Study
Jules was simply inspirational at our Women with Drive event. A fabulous storyteller, who had her audience engrossed with her straightforward, honest and engaging approach to the truth about confidence.
Her practical tools, simply worked and her audience hung on her every word.
The feedback from the event was summed up by the words, WOW, awesome, amazing, the best yet and life changing.
Thank you Jules. You have enabled our Women with Drive network to really take control of their own confidence.
Alison Fisher, Chief People Officer
Cox Automotive UK
Take control of your confidence
You have enabled our network to really take control of their own confidence
Is your team ready to take control of their confidence?
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