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If you are looking for a weekend away to sit, drink, watch TV and do very little then THIS IS NOT THE RETREAT FOR YOU!
And whilst it is also not a bootcamp. There is plenty happening throughout. 
My intent is to provide you with a space that you can relax, recharge and reconnect to the 'real you'. 
The 'you' that you may not have explored yet. 
Whether you have worked with me 1-1 already, attended a workshop or never met me before, you will be walked through tools, teaching and coaching that can help you discover a deeper connection to you.  Wherever you are starting from, you'll get closer to the inner calm we long for. 
That means stepping away from that critical, mean, abusive internal voice and discover a new way.  A peaceful way. 
The retreat is an opportunity for you to experience some of the teachings that have turned my life around and support me to live with much more ease - yep, even in these crazy times!
You will have time for rest, walks and chill out time.
There will be gorgeous healthy meals. 
Stunning countryside and various beautiful spots around the house, to chill and be.
My aim is to work my butt off as your coach and provide you with what you need now. 
Choose from two options
York Retreat
31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2023
Cumbria Retreat
9th -12th July 2024
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What is included?
  • 2/3 nights accommodation
  • 2/3 healthy breakfasts
  • 2/3 healthy lunches
  • 2/3 healthy evening meals
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Parking
  • Pre-retreat questionnaire (helping you focus on what you want from the retreat, and helping me to create that for you)
  • 2/3 days of time for you
  • A stunning setting for you to relax in
  • Great company with wonderful people
What others have said...
  • It provided me with an opportunity to meet new people, take time for me and look inside myself. Jules is adaptive with her style and allows 1-2-1 time for me as well as everyone in the group. The weekend has been a brilliant experience and opportunity for me to become more aware of my thinking and actions. I have met my objective whilst having fun!

  • Your guidance and facilitation over the weekend was fantastic.The openness of the others in the group. The setting. The food. the opportunities to think and reflect.
  • It was space for being me with an insightful experienced coach. Sharing thoughts, challenges & learnings with each other.

  • I appreciated the care and thought you had put into the whole weekend from the notebooks, location, food and sessions. I found the sessions really deepened the understanding I have gained from our coaching sessions.

  • I arrived on day one of the retreat in need of something... to calm down, to find help with the next part of my life, to find out how to 'cope', because I wasn't. Just allowing myself the opportunity to just stop, and literally do nothing at times, resulted in such unexpected outcomes.

  • The two and half days exceeded my expectations and my time at the retreat was just the beginning and I am excited about what each day will bring. I now incorporate seemingly small changes in the way I used to conduct my day, which has had a significant affect on my outlook on life
    and I have found a way to calm down even amidst life's demands. So, retreat time is now top of my list!
  • I've discovered that it's OK to be me. It's OK to do something new & that I can do anything when I set my mind to it.
  • Lots of insightful learning/sharing. I feel more connected to myself & the world around me. It was great for each of us to have time to get what we needed.
  • It was a safe space for me to explore 'ME'. I loved the morning meditations. So simple to fit into my routine.
  • The flow of the weekend was fantastic. Nothing felt rushed or too long. And being in a small group gave me better understandings about myself.
  • The weekend has been full of insights, understanding and compassion.
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions, please do use the button to get in touch.
These are some of the questions I have been asked in the past.
Yes, of course, However both of you will need to respect that at times one or both of you may want some space to think, so will need to respect that.
I am not going to be checking bags. My invitation is no. Have time without. Give your body a break. You will be provided with great food, great company and great teachings, why muddy the waters?
Not with this programme. We start with the teachings from afternoon/evening, therefore late arrivals would not work.
This is a complete programme and so early departure could disrupt the retreat and it's intent. I always work to stay on time and finish on time. So if you have transport to get then please make sure you let me know.
All dietary requirements will be catered for. Please note that healthy meals translates as filling, hearty, vegetarian/vegan meals. I do not believe that everyone should become a vegan or veggie. I do think that we could all do with giving our bodies a break now and again. And what better way to sample new foods when all the catering is being done for you. 😀
About Jules
Jules Wyman is a woman who dreams of being out of a job. 

Not so she can spend all day watching Real Housewives in a onesie...but because she believes that only when confidence coaching is no longer needed will it mean people are enjoying genuinely fulfilling lives.

Until then, she's on a mission as a Confidence Coach to help people have faith in themselves and replace meaningless quick fixes with authentic living.

Her clients end up going for what they really want in life, from changing career to changing countries.

And, as you'll discover today, Jules walks her talk.

She's become one of the UK's top coaches in this field by following her own path to authentic confidence, as well as spending thousands of hours studying self-belief and the human brain.

York Retreat
31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2023
Cumbria Retreat
9th -12th July 2024
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