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Discover the Truth About Confidence
What you most want is genuine confidence. To just BE YOU!
It sounds so simple. Be yourself. Believe in yourself.
So why then is it so difficult?
In my coaching, I hear people describing their frustrations about confidence...
  • it is so inconsistent - here one minute and gone the next
  • if I am confident, people will see me as arrogant
  • being confident means being the loud one and that isn't me
  • if I acknowledge my confidence, I'll stop learning or growing
  • I don't want to feel pressurised or expected to have all the answers.
But what if none of this was true?
What if you could experience confidence without being complacent, loud, arrogant, or pressurised?
What if you knew the truth about confidence?
Authentic confidence is possible when we know what it is!
The Truth About Confidence
  7-hour workshop on 24th April 2024
What would having authentic confidence mean to you?
What would authentic confidence mean to you?
Authentic Confidence
Did you stop and answer that question? What would having authentic confidence mean to you? What will it bring to your life? How will that impact on those you love?
Or, put differently, how does faking it, acting 'as if' you're confident, shying away from experiences, staying quiet, not asking for what you want, not speaking up, not setting boundaries, constantly questioning and self-doubting, worrying about what others think, being overwhelmed, or having a self-saboteur controlling your thoughts affect your life? 
Aren't you done with all that?
Isn't it time for a new perspective on confidence? Let's talk about the truth about confidence.
my story
My story
I get it. Because it was me. 
I became very adept at pretending to be confident. Very few people knew how insecure, self-critical and self-doubting I was.
Most didn't see how it was impacting my life - sleepless nights, heavy drinking, recreational drug use, over-eating, and crippling indecision.
I had a great career working backstage in theatre and TV (backstage because being on stage was too intimidating!)
I pretended to be loud and look happy. I acted as if I knew more than I did. I avoided and procrastinated because I didn't want to fail. I played it small and safe. 
But that changed. I had a personal breakthrough that if I wanted to have more self confidence, I would have to learn to trust myself.
What if it could be different?
What if it could be different?
What if I told you that you don't have to be loud, funny or know what you are talking about? What if you don't have to get it right? What if you were allowed to make mistakes? What if you don't have to be an expert or live in the spotlight? 
If you think that authentic confidence is about achieving perfection, then save yourself time and click away now - none of what is on offer here will guide you to that. 
But if you are ready for a new perspective - if you want to know the truth about confidence, then you are in the right place!
Trust yourself and all will be well
A new perception of confidence
A new perception of confidence...
Trust yourself
Maybe someone once told you that "you need to have more confidence in yourself?" No matter how well meaning, it isn't helpful if it doesn't tell you what to do or how. 
That's where I can help. Put simply, confidence is actually about trust. It comes from the Latin, "con fidere" which means with trust. It is the foundation of all the work that I offer. 
You learning to trust you.
Not to get it right or be perfect. We can't guarantee outcomes. But you can learn to be kind to yourself, no matter what. Knowing you can find a way forward, even if you don't (yet) know how. To be open to discovering who you really are rather than what you think you are. To become aware of your own obstacles. And to grow and evolve beyond them to trust yourself and create the life you most want. 
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