Sally D's Story

I initially worked with Jules several years ago when I was starting my nutritional therapy business 'Nutrition in York'. My self-belief and confidence were low, I was struggling to recognise my own value and worth, and I was frequently stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts.
Jules guided me through the coaching process and helped me identify factors that were holding me back. During each session we unpacked and explored these problems and Jules taught me simple, powerfully effective techniques to deal with them.
She helped me to see that my business was already a success, regardless of its size, and that by learning to trust myself, I could achieve whatever I focused on.
Overcoming negative self-talk was a real stumbling block for me. Jules showed me how to turn this talk around and work with it, rather than battle against it. Acknowledging the negativity then deciding how to respond to it feels strong and empowering.
I have worked with Jules several times since the initial coaching sessions, including on her Presentation Training course. Her clear, straightforward technique for writing and presenting talks and workshops massively upgraded my presentation skills, allowing me to enjoy so many speaking opportunities that have boosted my business and income.
Because of the work I did with Jules I even felt confident enough to nominate myself for a health food industry professional development award – which I won!
In my personal time I enjoy creative writing, but for many years I never felt confident about developing it any further. Since working with Jules I've taken weekend workshops and evening classes in short story writing and novel writing and am now studying for an MA in Creative Writing. It is liberating to feel I have as much right to be there as everyone else, and my opinions and contributions are valid and worthwhile, rather than being riddled with anxieties about not being good enough.
I keep in touch with Jules' confidence training via her newsletter, Facebook, and book. Her wisdom is embedding itself in my life – to the point where I know what she would say to me in certain situations!
I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jules. The confidence I have now is deep rooted and lasting, as opposed to any flimsy "fake it 'til you make it" kind. This has opened my life up in unbelievable ways. Thank you, Jules!
Sally Duffin


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Jules Wyman
Jules Wyman is a woman who dreams of being out of a job. Until then, she's on a mission as a Confidence Coach to help people have faith in themselves and replace meaningless quick fixes with authentic living.Her clients end up going for what they really want in life, from changing career to changing countries.
She's become one of the UK's top coaches in this field by following her own path to authentic confidence, as well as spending thousands of hours studying self-belief and the human brain.
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