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From Self-Doubt to Self-Belief: My Evolution as a Female Business Owner
When I launched my own business in an industry predominantly led by men, the challenges were not just about market competition or financial planning. I was also battling internal demons, chiefly imposter syndrome. The nagging voice inside my head questioned whether I was good enough, capable enough, or even deserving enough to be where I was. It was a mental hurdle that I knew I had to overcome, not just for the sake of my business, but for my own well-being. That's when I turned to professional coaching, and the experience has been life changing.

I first met Jules over 6 years ago at an NHS event and was fascinated by her approach and how she had managed to captivate a room full of professionals with such ease and authority. I remember sitting in the audience thinking how public speaking was my worst nightmare and in that moment I was acutely aware of my own lack of self-confidence. Something people who know me might find hard to understand.

It took me another 2 years until I was in the right headspace to give coaching a go. I contacted Jules and told her as part of my New Years Resolution that I had committed to investing in myself and if I was going to become the person and business leader I aspired to be then I would need her help. At this point I had no set expectations or idea of what success would look like. I just went with the flow.

Jules helped me recognise that imposter syndrome is not a sign of inadequacy but a manifestation of my own high standards and aspirations. We worked on strategies to silence that inner critic, focusing on my achievements rather than my perceived shortcomings. Slowly but surely, I began to see myself as deserving of my place in the industry.

Coaching has honed my decision-making skills, enabling me to navigate complex business scenarios with greater confidence. I've learned to trust my instincts while also employing analytical frameworks to evaluate risks and rewards. This has led to smarter, more effective business strategies.

As a business owner, my team is my most valuable asset. Coaching taught me the importance of empowering my employees, fostering a culture of mutual respect and collaboration. This has not only improved productivity but also created a more positive work environment.

The most profound impact of coaching has been on my personal growth. I've developed a strong sense of self-belief and confidence that extends beyond my professional life. I no longer question my worth or capabilities, and this newfound self-assurance has enriched all aspects of my life.

Coaching has ignited in me a desire for continual learning and self-improvement. Whether it's mastering a new business skill or exploring a personal interest, the drive to better myself is stronger than ever.

I highly recommend the financial and time investment that comes with Coaching – it is an integral part of my life and intend to carry on as I don't see an end point, just a just a continued journey of self-discovery and improvement.

In conclusion, coaching with Jules has been an invaluable investment, paying dividends both professionally and personally. It has equipped me with the tools to succeed in a challenging industry and, most importantly, helped me discover my true self. I am no longer the woman plagued by self-doubt; I am a business owner, a leader, and a lifelong learner, ready to take on whatever challenges come my way.

Thanks Jules ....It's been a blast so far and I look forward to what is to come.

Jules Wyman
Jules Wyman is a woman who dreams of being out of a job. Until then, she's on a mission as a Confidence Coach to help people have faith in themselves and replace meaningless quick fixes with authentic living.Her clients end up going for what they really want in life, from changing career to changing countries.

She's become one of the UK's top coaches in this field by following her own path to authentic confidence, as well as spending thousands of hours studying self-belief and the human brain.

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