Brogan's Story

I have been working with Jules for the past 2 years within her business and at the beginning of 2023 I knew coaching with Jules was what I needed. I had recently given birth and felt support both within my personal life and business would be the next best step.

My goal was to have someone who could guide me through unknown territories and to keep me on track with my over all goals and personal relationships. Learning how to make friends and keep meaningful relationships in a time where I had very limited time, energy and major hormones, was very important to me, so having extra support was the right move.

Jules was incredibly helpful in many obvious and subtle ways, which means I am entering 2024 with new friends, an ever growing business and I have worked on myself in multiple ways.

Jules Wyman
Jules Wyman is a woman who dreams of being out of a job. Until then, she's on a mission as a Confidence Coach to help people have faith in themselves and replace meaningless quick fixes with authentic living.Her clients end up going for what they really want in life, from changing career to changing countries.

She's become one of the UK's top coaches in this field by following her own path to authentic confidence, as well as spending thousands of hours studying self-belief and the human brain.

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