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living beyond fear and uncertainty
The saying is that only death and taxes are certain. Yet, the craving for certainty is a human condition. Without it, we often experience fear, and who wants to live in a perpetual state of fear? 
I'm not talking about a fear of heights or spiders. I mean the fear of making a mistake at work. Not getting a job or promotion. The fear that stops people marketing their business or saying yes to opportunities. Fear that blocks them presenting their idea at a meeting, at the board or to their peers. Fear comes with the uncertainty of the outcome, "I have no idea what will happen if I apply/say yes/put myself out there..."
It's not always obvious as fear. It may appear as stress, anxiety, procrastination, or insecurity. And we are usually adept at coping with these. We hide them with unhelpful habits and behaviours like comfort eating, drinking, saying yes too much or no too often.
But what in life is certain?
living beyond fear
What if you embraced the fear?
What if you embraced the fear?
Embracing the fear
Most of us reach a point when enough is enough. 
You know what you want and sense you can be doing so much more. Or you wish that you could do things with greater ease and comfort.
In short - you want to ditch the doubt. 
You want self-belief.
You know it is time to face the long established insecurities once and for all!
What if you turned towards the fear?
Have you ever 'walked toward fear' and noticed what happens?
You can live beyond fear and uncertainty!
Again, I'm not talking about the fear you experience at the edge of a cliff or faced by a sabre-toothed tiger. But the moments in life, when the rug has been pulled from your feet and you find yourself in fight, flight or freeze mode. What do you do?
If you are reading this, then you found a way through the situation, coped until things changed and/or realised that despite the discomfort, it wasn't as scary as you thought. 
You can deal with fear AND uncertainty!
Challenge the insecurities
Challenge the insecurities!
Face your fears
So much of my work with clients is about exposing and disposing of fears. We challenge the insecurities that hang around like a bad smell - not just covering with an air freshener and hoping they will go away! But removing them entirely so that you can embrace new opportunities with a confident, clear and considered mindset.
It can be different.
You don't have to live with fear and you can embrace uncertainty. In fact, living any other way is short-changing ourselves in life. Let's work together to help you face your fears. 
As one client eloquently describes the transformation...
"I have never felt more comfortable with being uncomfortable"
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