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Banish the Imposter Syndrome
Keeping up with the Jones' (or the Kardashians these days) is engrained in society. We are encouraged to make sure our selves and our lives look great... at all times! We must make sure we achieve success, tick all the boxes and accomplish our goals - all whilst looking good and living the perfect, sunny life!
Let's be clear. Achievement and success is great. 
But so many people live by the premise, "I'll feel good/happy/confident when... I have success". But it doesn't work. 
It creates a constant loop of craving more, needing more and doing more.
The endless "lack" never goes away. 
You never feel enough - good enough, smart enough, (fill in the blank) enough. 
This loop impacts your mental health and wellbeing. It feeds the imposter syndrome and has a negative impact on self-confidence and resilience. 
Isn't it time to make peace?
Banish the Imposter Syndrome
Banish the Imposter Syndrome
  6-hour workshop on 23rd May 2024
What is the Imposter Syndrome?
What is the imposter syndrome?
What is the imposter syndrome?
Imposter syndrome is a pattern of inner thinking that your success is by chance rather than through your skill, competence or experience. It leads to self-doubt and crises of confidence. 
Thousands of high achievers experience the imposter syndrome. They have a loud inner critic. And presume that 'luck' has got them where they are today. They fear being found out.
You probably wouldn't know as they have learned to cover up. They pretend and act as if everything is OK. Their outside life looks perfect, yet inside, they are doubting, criticising and questioning themselves. 
This doesn't mean they are quivering in a corner and not leaving the house. It is often the opposite. They are leading teams to successes, delivering inspiring speeches, commanding high salaries and winning awards. All whilst doubting themselves and worrying about what others think.
You don't have to live that way
You don't have to live that way!
In various studies, 57% to 72% of high achievers don't recognise their talents, abilities or accomplishments. And think of the energy and bandwidth it must take to attempt to mask that self-doubt. No wonder well-being, confidence and burnout have become hot topics for individuals and organisations. 
But if you are affected by an imposter syndrome, you don't have to live that way. The first step is to recognise it. Then you can take steps to deal with it. And that's my mission. Helping you to banish the imposter syndrome once and for all!
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